WUG Mugs

Group of WUG mugs

What is a WUG mug?

Photograph of Microsoft Vice President Brad Anderson (on the right) with Chris Rhodes, MVP and trainer (on the left).

IT Masterclasses has been a long time sponsor of our friends at the Windows User Group (WUG) who are a non-profit group that run events and talks across the UK.

One of the most sought after swag giveaways that WUG have given out at events has been a branded WUG mug. The mugs have also been pond-hopping recently in Chicago to the Microsoft Ignite conference where many famous face in the Microsoft world were seen being snapped with a WUG mug, from Microsoft Vice President Brad Anderson, to Chewbacca!

Join WUG at a IT Masterclasses sponsored event near you soon - check out our News & Events page.