Course Description

An Excel course specifically designed for individuals working in the field of accountancy and finance and for those who need to process and analyse numerical data.

This course is also suitable for advanced users in the accountancy field who need refresher / top-up learning.

Course Pre-requisites

This course is designed for Excel specialists and power users wanting to learn, or refresh some of the more Advanced Microsoft Excel features.

Learners should have a good general knowledge of Windows and File Management and also have a good practical appreciation of all the topics in our Excel Intermediate courses.

Course Outline

Formula Basics
- Using Brackets and Arithmetic precedence
- Using Functions in Formulae (Finding Functions, Function Categories)
What If? Analysis
- Input Cells using $ References
Conditional Formatting
- Adding Rules
- Rule Types
- Managing Rules
- Creating and Showing Scenarios
- Managing Scenarios
- Generating Summaries
Goal Seek
- Using Goal Seek on Formula
Data Tables
- Generating 2 Way Data Tables
- Applying Conditional Formatting to Data Tables
Lookup Functions
- Looking up values using Vlookup() and HLookup()
- Index() & Match() for 2 way lookups
Using Range Names
Using Macros

Course outline in pdf format



Length:   1 day

Cost:   £174 per person (£145 + VAT)

Trainer:   Stuart Brown



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