Course Description

Delivered in a fast paced, chalk and talk presentation. There will be plenty of demos and discussion about Microsoft’s latest operating system and how it compares and builds on Windows 7 and 8.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Introducing Windows 10
- New features of Windows 10, User Interface
- Customizing Start menu, Alt Tab & Multiple Desktops, Search, Cortana
- Action Centre, Control Panel & Settings
Lesson 2: User Accounts and OneDrive
- Microsoft Account & User Accounts, Domain Accounts, Blocking Microsoft Accounts
- Sign on: Picture Passwords, PIN security, Windows Hello
- OneDrive Integration, OneDrive synchronisation differences since Windows 8
Lesson 3: Security
- User Account Control
- Manage Device Security, TPM, Device Guard, Microsoft Passport
- Using BitLocker Drive Encryption, BitLocker To Go, Recovering BitLocker Drive Encrypted devices, MBAM overview
- Windows Firewall, Network Location Profiles
- Malware protection, Windows Defender
Lesson 4: Connectivity & Resource Control
- Configure and manage Network Connectivity for a Windows 10 Device, Tools for Configuring Network Settings
- Windows 10 Web Browsers, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge
- Review of NTFS, ReFS, Shared Folders, Managing Printers
- Manage Apps, Windows Store, Updating Apps From the Windows Store, Sideloading Apps
Lesson 5: Maintaining, updating and upgrading
- Monitoring Windows 10, Task Manager, Reliability Monitor, Problem Steps Recorder
- File History, Restore Files, Device Drivers, Rollback Drivers
- Manage Power Settings, Battery Saving
- Updating Windows 10, Deferring Windows Updates
- Windows as a Service, servicing branches. Windows Upgrades
Lesson 6: Recover & Troubleshoot Windows 10 Devices
- Maintaining Windows 10, Defrag, Disk Clean-up, Task Scheduler
- Troubleshooting Wizards
- Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE), Start-up Settings
- Reset & Refresh, Advanced Startup options, Where is the F8 boot menu?

The content is delivered in one day as a presentation / demo only without learner hands-on. For the two day course there will be some practical labs during the two days, with each attendee requiring access to an internet connected Windows 10 device.

Course outline in pdf format

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Length:   1 day

Cost:   £294 per person (£245 + VAT)

Trainer:   Chris Rhodes



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