Course Description

Generally when security is seen as a blocker, it means it is not understood. Simply keeping systems available is part of security. The landscape has changed over the last five years, but has your view of security changed with it?

This course focuses on key topics with examples from industry. Having a good knowledge of security risks, and how to mitigate them, will empower you to deliver better service and add business value. In most cases you will be able to build value, while not spending more, even cost-cutting?

Many people focus on ‘hacks’, however, that is not the main aim here. This course will help you to develop something that you can use right after the workshop, including ensuring that you can understand evaluate and contribute to and help revitalize your security policy. As well as implementing security controls in the SME environment (target companies 20-500 employees).

Course Outline

What is Security?
- Getting security without the price tag you expected
- Where to start?
Devices and endpoints
- Encryption, where how and why?
- Antivirus and endpoint
- Data loss, USB sticks
- Choose your own device / Bring your own device
- Windows 10 and upgrading
Data ..Data… Data…
- Credit cards
- Archiving and compliance
Identity the golden rules
-Changes since the 90’s: Time to save money and work
- Practical changes: What’s in windows 20xx?
The cloud: Managing differing security opportunities

Setting out your plan
- Making sure you have an action plan and discuss your own plan

Course outline in pdf format

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Length:   2 days

Cost:   £594 per person (£495 + VAT)

Trainer:   Graham Parkinson



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