Course Description

Learn from ground up, from the basics from “what is a cmdlet?” through to discovering all about objects, modules and remoting to get the most out of these technologies. Lots of hands-on exposure is the key to learning this technology, so students should have experience using the Windows command prompt (cmd.exe), but not necessarily PowerShell.

Course Pre-requisites

This course is intended for IT Administrators who are new to PowerShell or have little experience.

Course Outline

- What is it?
- What can it do?
Tools – How to run PowerShell, IDEs and ISE
PowerShell Basics
- Structure of cmdlets
- Aliases
- Parameters
- Functions
The Pipeline
- The pipeline at work
- Common commands
- Understanding objects
- Getting help
- Discovering more online
- What providers do
- Exploring built-in providers
- How to produce the output you want
- Using credentials
- Remoting cmdlets
- Invoking commands
- Remote sessions
- Cloud sessions

Course outline in pdf format

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Length:   2 days

Cost:   £594 per person (£495 + VAT)

Trainer:   Chris Rhodes


Book now for 02/05/2017


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