Course Description

The advent of fibre-broadband and 4G mobile is meaning more and more people are turning to video online for information and education about products, services and companies. In this Masterclass you’ll learn how your company can get started producing your own Tutorial and Marketing Videos.

Video production for business can be seen as complex, expensive and requiring significant expertise, but just as digital photography and Instagram broke down the walls of professional photography, smartphones, action cameras and apps are doing the same for video.

In this course you’ll learn how to get started with tutorial and marketing videos, with introductions to different camera types and shooting techniques, sound and audio recording, screen capture and presentation tools and editing and production software that’s both free and paid for.

Course Outline

  • Honing your presentation skills
  • Using presentation tools
  • Using screen capture software
  • Using smartphones, DSLRs and video cameras
  • Recording audio
  • An introduction to video editing
  • Using Green Screen and effects
  • Using more advanced editing techniques
  • Distributing and marketing your videos

Course outline in pdf format

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Length:   3 days

Cost:   £954 per person (£795 + VAT)

Trainer:   Mike Halsey



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