Course Description

Designed for IT Professionals who are new to Microsoft Azure, this course takes attendees with little or no experience, to being conversant with how Azure works and ready to take the next steps into using Microsoft’s cloud to full effect.

Designed by experienced MVPs to help IT Pros get their foot in the door of Microsoft’s cloud offering, this course will give you the all-important push into learning what the potential of cloud computing has to offer and how to leverage it.

Learning through hands on and learning how to make the most out of your subscription will get you ready for the next steps in transforming how you offer IT services to your business.

Course Outline

Understanding Azure services – what’s on offer, and how does an IT department best make use of services in the cloud?

  • Subscriptions – how subscriptions and pricing works
  • Tools of the trade – how to manage Azure with the Portal and PowerShell.
  • Storage accounts – learn how storage underpins the different services, and the options available for redundant storage.
  • Building Virtual Machines – learn how to use IaaS to deploy servers in the cloud.
  • Connecting your network with Azure – connect services like VMs with your on-premises environment.
  • Deploying apps in the cloud – learn how to use RemoteApp for application deployment.
  • Using Azure for backup – creating a vault and connect servers to backup data to your Azure account.

Course outline in pdf format



Length:   1 day

Cost:   £294 per person (£245 + VAT)

Trainer:   Chris Rhodes



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