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Most people either try to follow an entire architectural framework, or don’t brother at all… this is a big lost opportunity. This two day course will save you making the mistakes of others, and in 90% of cases will save you money within days of your return back to the office.

We cover TOGAF based architecture without the red tape, no excessive process here! Get the benefits and not the pain. Introduced in a staged way, based on organization maturity.

While Iterative not big bang is normally the best approach, we cover ten things you can do day one, and we focus on companies of 10 - 500 people (most courses assume you will be in a much bigger organization which matters when your come to practically implement).

Guideline documents will be provided, which you can use as part of your toolbox.

Course Outline

What is Architecture: What is it?
- Practically
- Company wise
- Project wise
Why bother?
- What benefits you why now and tomorrow
Where to start?

101 guide … starting…
- Requirements
- Relationships
- Who are my stakeholders and when?
Key areas: Pragmatic levels
- Come to core areas for each
Key areas: Organisational
- Business Strategy
- IT strategy / Area strategy needed or not?
- Strategy , Vision, roadmap
- What is reusable?
Key areas: Project
- What idea / requirement?
- Turning business requirement to a design
Practically doing something at the right level
- Managing Change
- Key functions
- Repository, tooling
The golden rules
- The 10 things to change your view
- Getting buy in: Selling to the challenged
Setting out your plan
- Making sure you have an action plan and discuss your own plan

Course outline in pdf format

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Length:   2 days

Cost:   £594 per person (£495 + VAT)

Trainer:   Graham Parkinson



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